How it works

It’s very simple. If you spot someone being anti-social on the web, especially and including overt self promotional activity in order to build up their “influence”, simply give them a Klapp! There are no complicated sign ups, no algorithm wizardry and no guess work. The power is in your hands.  

There are two ways to use  Klapp:

1. Retweet their tomfoolery

When you see a blatant bit of social media nonsense, self promotion or general BS, simply retweet them and add the hashtag #Klapp onto the end of the tweet. This is known as giving someone a #Klapp. See below:

2. Highlight an individual for special attention

For special cases, and to highlight someone for anti social media behaviour beyond the call of duty, you can award them an #AK+. To do this simply mention someone in a tweet and add the #AK+ hashtag.

For added effect, you can also add the #klapp hashtag too. Rinse and repeat, every time you come across social media BS tweeting!

There you have it – simples! So go ahead, give someone a Klapp today!


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