What is KlappAsi?

Introducing the worlds first (Anti) Social Influence tool for the social web – Klapp.

In a world where social media nonsense is spiralling out of control, #Klapp provides the perfect antidote to social influence measures like KloutPeerIndex and Kred. The mission? To call out social media BS on the web, one tweet at a time.

Despite social influence being in it’s infancy, significant weight appears to be given to social influence scores and here at Klapp towers we don’t think this is necessarily a good thing.  Despite the flaws in the current crop of ‘scoring’ systems, they continue to gain ground and credibility, particularly amongst the uneducated.

PR teams, creative agencies and journalists alike are fawning over those with ‘high’ scores like servants to royalty – using these raw scores for exclusive access to events, information and other celeb style elitist activity.

Yet many of those sitting at the top of the list are simply not social, or even that influential.  Social is about collaboration, conversation and reciprocity. Not self promotion and one way dialogue.

Klapp puts the power to level the playing field in the hands of the people who matter – you!


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